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A woman with short white hair wearing a pink suit and posing with her white cane.

Vision is overrated.

Legally Blonde & Blind is a pandemic passion project, creative outlet, and platform for making voices heard. In monthly episodes, I discuss interdependence, developing a positive philosophy towards blindness, and advocating for disability justice. Listen to get a glimpse of life with eyes that function like a greasy iPhone camera!

Marissa sitting with her guide dog, a female yellow labrador, on a picnic blanket


(is one of many things that)




How a Guide Dog Changed my Perspective towards Disability and Independence

Marissa delivering a TED talk in a neon pin suit with her guide dog Smalls.


Legally Blonde & Blind episodes seek to paint a nuanced picture of the emotions, triumphs, and challenges blind people experience. 


Legally Blonde & Blind connects listeners with peers, mentors, and influential leaders of the blind community.


Each Legally Blonde & Blind episode inspires listeners to develop a positive philosophy towards blindness and advocate for disability justice. 

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Marissa posing in front of a river wearing a white flowy tank top, tan sun hat, and jean shorts.
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